Nauders am Reschenpass

Nauders lies at an altitude of 1394 m in an idyllic hanging valley between the Finstermünz Pass in the north and the Reschen Pass to the south. The frontiers of Austria, Italy and Switzerland meet at the “Three Countries Boundary Stone” (2179 m) in the south-west of the parish. The first signs of settlement in Nauders go back to the Bronze Age. During the Roman Empire, the Via Claudia Augusta passed through Nauders am Reschenpass on its way to Augsburg. The Rhaeto-Romanic influence on the history of the village is still visible in its historic centre.




Among the particular sights in the village are Naudersberg Castle with its St. Leonard’s Chapel, the Parish Church of St. Valentine and the Schwarzer See nature conservancy site above Nauders between the Kleiner and Grosser Mutzkopf at an altitude of 1725 m. Nauders Fort is a massive five-storey square stone building with embrasures and was erected between 1834 and 1840 to guard the road and protect the Inn Valley from possible invasion by troops approaching from Lombardy or the Engadine.



Nowadays, Nauders is a lively charming, open community nestling in the mountains of the Ötztal Alps. Unspoilt nature and the breathtaking landscape ensure that there are endless opportunities for enjoying a holiday in the mountains of the Tyrol to the full.
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